Siyou goes Amsterdam! – Een verhuisbericht game

Siyou gaat verhuizen. En het verhuisbericht hebben we verpakt in een klein spel:

Interessante canvas engine: Pixi.js van

De syntax is vergelijkbaar met Actionscript3.  Met een JS framework (bijvoorbeeld Bootstrap) voor het overzicht is dit een aardig fijne engine voor (oud-)Actionscripters.

Er is overigens een complete game engine genaamd Phaser die de Pixi engine als basis gebruikt. Die ga ik de komende maand eens uit proberen.



ActionScript to App. Apache Flex en FlashDevelop

For about two years I am involved in app development. I know a little Android and some objective C. But most of the app’s I did, were done with Titanium Studio from Appcelerator. A language that is fairly simple to learn (Javascript), and the possibility to distribute to both main platforms (Android and iOS) make Titanium Studio a good solution for all types of app-forms.

But if you have an old Flash project with heavy-duty Actionscript. And you want to convert this to an app….then there is another, open-source option: FlashDevelop with Apache Flex!

My favorite Actionscript editor till now is FlashDevelop. A simple, clean interface and the power to tweak and add features beyond your imagination.

The last week I have been working on a conversion an old Flash project to an iOS app. FlashDevelop runs on Windows but is able to compile direct to an connected iPad with the help of Apache Flex. Most of the testing is done when you compile a SWF file: you can check those in your oldschool Flash player. Superfast development. Without X-code interference or whatever.

You select a ‘Mobile Flex Project’ or ‘Mobile Actionscript Project’ and FlashDevelop creates the whole setup with two very handy ‘readme’ text files. One explaining development voor iOS and one explaining the Android side.

So if you got some old Actionscript, reclyce it with FlashDevelop and Apache Flex.